Wish and Switch - 換樂無窮

Category: Hong Kong Drama 2012
Genre(s): Drama, Romance, Comedy
Status: Ep20 END / 20 (eps)
Network: TVB
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Myolie Wu, Selena Li, Johnson Lee, Vincent Wong, Kiki Sheung, Angela Tong
師奶仔范淑香(胡杏兒)無心登入了一個神奇網站,讓她可隨意換取各樣不可思議的東西,例如以自己的纖腰尺寸來換取弟弟考入名校、以自己的運氣幫朋友換回愛情等等,淑香一換成癮,不能自拔,尤其懷疑丈夫顧家仁(李思捷)包二奶時,竟不惜與闊太好友侯若海(李詩韻)互換身份,各取所需,淑香欲藉若海之力奪回丈夫的心,若海則想淑香幫她對付霸道奶奶呂凰(商天娥),誰料二人泥足深陷,愈陷愈深,回頭是岸之際神奇網站又突然消失,兩家人關係變得千絲萬縷,淑香竟與家仁搞婚外情 Young housewife YUEN SUK HEUNG (Myolie Wu) accidentally enters a mysterious website, which allowed her to change anything she can imagine. For example, she switched her fine waist size for her brother’sacceptance into a well-known school. Using her luck, she helped friendsexchange for better romantic relationships. HEUNG eventually becomes addicted to the website and was unable to pull herself out, especially when she suspected her husband KU KA YAN (Johnson Lee) is having an affair, she did not hesitate to switch her life with her good friend HAUYEUK HOI (Selena Li), who married a wealthy husband. HEUNG borrowed HOI’s power to recapture her husband’s heart, while HOI just wanted HEUNG to help her handle her bossy mother-in-law LUI FUNG (Kiki Sheung).Unfortunately, the two fall into a deep trap, going deeper and deeper. Without notice, the mysterious website suddenly disappears one day. The relationship of the two families ended up being linked in various ways, where HEUNG actually started an extramarital affair with YAN. The giggles, anger and scolds just never ends….
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