The Trail Begins

Category: Hong Kong Drama 1977
Genre(s): Drama
Status: Ep32 END
Network: TVB
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
This drama was produced by Commercial Televsion ( CTV ) in 1977 in Hong Kong. Most famous directors Yu mingsheng and Wang xinju co-directed the drama according to Liang yusheng's martial arts novels. In the background of the Mubao Battle in the Ming Dynasty, the theme of protecting the country and the people was manifested through the contradictions between the Zhu Ming Dynasty and the descendants of Zhang Shicheng, the struggle between the traitors and loyal officials in the dynasty and the national conflict between the Central Plains and Mongolia. Meticulously shaped a national interests, regardless of the world feud, willing to abandon the glory and wealth, running between the Central Plains in the north of the Saibei, repeatedly built Qigong hero Zhang Danfeng vivid image. It interspersed with the love twists and turns of Zhang Danfeng and the descendants of the enemy, the female chivalrous cloud bud, organically intertwined with the fate of the family and country, deep implication, sad and moving, intertwined into a heroic romantic and magnificent legend.
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