The Legend Of Justice Bao (Cantonese) - 開封府傳奇

Other name: The Legend of Kaifeng, 开封府传奇
Category: China Drama 2018
Genre(s): Historical, Thriller, Crime
Status: Ep58
Country: China Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Cast: Victor Huang, Lemon Zhang, Gan Ting Ting, Jiang Chao, Cao Xin Yue
講述北宋時期的清官包拯在朝堂上不懼權勢,斷案入神,解決不少奇案。前開封府府尹的女兒一直很崇拜包拯,並陪伴在側,對包拯不離不棄。另外,宋真宗的妻子弄權,想控制宋仁宗,牽起很多朝政風暴。 Bao Zheng is a man who has solved multiple cases in Kaifeng and Yu Rou is a young woman wholeheartedly devoted to him. Liu E is the beloved concubine of the Song Emperor but she conspires with Zhang De Lin in a quest for more power.
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