The Family (Cantonese) - 幸福一家人 (雙語版)

Other name: Yin wei shi jia ren / What Happens to My Family Chinese Version / Because This Is Family / Happy Family / 因为是家人
Category: China Variety 2018
Genre(s): Family, Romance, Drama
Status: Ep16
Country: China Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Single dad Fang Yong Fu (Li Li Qun) doesn’t have it easy with his three children. His still unmarried eldest daughter Tian Xin (Dong Jie) works sucessfully as the CEO’s secretary in a conglomerate. But everything changes when the CEO’s son Wang Shuo (Ronald Zhai) appears and misunderstands her relationship with his father. The eldest son Tian Yi (Roy Chiu) works as oncologist but is ashamed of his poor family. And the youngest son Xiao Long (Ren Yu Jie), the biggest troublemaker, is unemployed. Chaos becomes perfect when Li Yue Yue (Hong Jia Ning), a girl from the countryside, suddenly appears at their door. 故事描述房家大女兒房天心(董潔飾)擔任建功集團董事長首席秘書向來工作順遂,但自從董事長兒子王爍(翟天臨飾)空降公司後,這一切戛然而止。天心被誤會與董事長關係曖昧,於是在王爍的刻意為之下,兩人成為了新的工作搭檔,而王爍意在將她就近看管、嚴密監視,天心自然奮起反抗。一場針尖對麥芒的愛情對決就此展開。與此同時,房家的大兒子房天憶(邱澤飾)與小兒子房小龍(任運傑飾)也正經歷著各自的情感考驗。在三人焦頭爛額之時,卻意外收到了來自父親的一份特殊「禮物」。一直含辛茹苦撫養孩子成人的單親父親房永福(李立群飾),深深自責孩子們的冷漠與自私歸根結底都源於自己養育的失敗,於是在生命的最終旅程,他選擇反將孩子一軍,給孩子們上最後一堂「愛的教育」,這也是送給他們最後的禮物,兩輩人的關係就此重新梳理,兒女們能體會到父親的「良苦用心」嗎?
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