Heroes of Guangdong - 廣東好漢

Category: Hong Kong Drama 1976
Genre(s): Action, Drama, History
Status: Ep67 END / 67 (eps)
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
清乾隆年间,洪熙官、方世玉、胡惠干、童千斤等来自广东一带的青、少年英雄到福建少林寺学武,成为少林俗家弟子。因清廷剿灭少林,少林寺被烧毁后,洪熙官等人逃囘广东,武当道长冯道德、白眉等人计续到广东追杀。 During the Qianlong years of the Qing Dynasty, Hong Xiguan, Fang Shiyu, Hu Huigan, Tong Qianjin and other young and young heroes from the area of Guangdong went to Shaolin Temple in Fujian to learn martial arts and became disciples of Shaolin vulgar family. Because the Qing Dynasty exterminated Shaolin, Shaolin Temple was burned down, Hong Xiguan and others fled to Guangdong, Wudang Taoist Feng Daode, Bai Mei and other people continued to go to Guangdong to kill.
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