Death by Zero - 殺手

Category: Hong Kong Drama 2020
Genre(s): Action, Crime, Drama
Status: Ep30
Network: TVB
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
這是一個發生於抽離世界的殺手故事︰曾被尊稱「閻王」的閻武,闖禍導致家散人亡,淪為低端殺手,造就神級殺手「Zero」喬星崛起,殊不知二人曾各自因台灣富商柯正雄而改寫了命運……閻武幸有知己鳳姐姚淑嫻,成為他與女兒閻素之的聯繫橋樑,卻不幸被行事乖張的女殺手易蘭纏着,叫苦連天。喬星開設咖啡室作掩飾,聘請了單親媽媽錢向茜,並心儀身分撲朔迷離的廟祝林森森。「殺手獵人」出現,迫使閻武與喬星來個生死對決…… An assassin story that happens in an unrealistic world: Wayne Lai, who has the former nickname "Yama", has been reduced to a low-level assassin after a mishap caused his family to be ruined. His downfall led to the rise of the legendary assassin "Zero" (Moses Chan). However, their destinies are rewritten due to a wealthy Taiwanese man (Lam Lei)... Luckily, Wayne has a good friend, Elena Kong, who is a prostitute and acts as a bridge between Wayne and his daughter Louisa Mak. But Wayne is endlessly pestered by the troublesome female assassin Katy Kung. Moses opens a coffee shop as his cover and hires the single mother Ali Lee. He has a crush on a temple keeper whose identity is ambiguous (Samantha Ko). The "Assassin Hunter" appears and forces Wayne and Moses into a life or death confrontation.
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