Breaking News 2004 - 大事件

Category: Hong Kong Movie 2004
Genre(s): Action, Thriller, Crime
Runtime: 1 hr. 30 min
Released: Jun 10, 2004
Country: Hong Kong Language: Cantonese Subtitle: Chinese
Writer(s): Chan Hing Kai
Director(s): Johnnie To
電視台攝制隊無意中拍到軍裝巡邏小隊警員喺街頭被阿元(任賢齊 飾)率領嘅悍匪重創,一名警員更向匪徒舉手投降,令到香港市民嘩然。為咗重整士氣,全香港3萬名警察誓要捉拿疑犯歸案。重案組督察阿恆(張家輝 飾)追蹤阿元至一幢大廈,正要行動嗰時,副指揮官Rebecca(陳慧琳飾)就打算將整個行動現場直播。市民都屏聲靜氣,睇呢場電視史上前所未有嘅「大事件」。阿恆同屬下戴上微型攝影機衝入現場,就發現大廈內匿咗另外一班劫匪,兩面受敵,形勢凶險;但係Rebecca就將片段剪咗。阿元喺大廈內挾持人質,並且將用手提電話錄影到嘅鎗戰影片發送畀傳媒。片段中顯示警察被悍匪迫退,令警務處大為尷尬,Rebecca因此誓要拉到阿元等人。Rebecca力勸阿元投降,但係兩幫歹徒聯手對抗警察,談判間阿元愛上Rebecca。混亂下,阿恆成功救出人質,但係阿元亦同另一幫悍匪嘅阿頭阿春成功逃脫。Rebecca從阿元死咗嘅同黨仍然喺通話狀態嘅手提電話中,追蹤到阿元嘅位置。Rebecca從未見過阿元本人,而當阿元準備過馬路離開,追蹤佢嘅Rebecca就大意噉俾阿元挾持。阿恆想追上營救,但係阿元就一次又一次擊退阿恆。阿元帶住Rebecca去殺富豪目標,但警察憑Rebecca身上嘅微型攝影機追蹤嚟到,令阿元行動失敗。本來阿元可以鎗殺Rebecca,更要求佢舉手投降,但係Rebecca話「個show唔可以衰喺我手上」。阿元唔忍心Rebecca喪命,於是向阿天開鎗,阿恆於是將佢擊斃。

After a sting operation goes bad, gunfire erupts on the streets of Hong Kong as police chase a group of suspects across town. Unfortunately, the melee is caught on camera by the media and when the criminals humiliate a police officer live on national television and escape, the public outrage towards the police department is mutinous.

The leader of the sting operation, Inspector Cheung , furious from losing the criminals, disobeys orders from his commanding officer and stays hot on the heels of the bandits. Chased into a residential apartment block, the villains take a family hostage and bunker down to plan their next move. Cheung tries to roust the criminals out from within, but is unable to single-handedly defuse the situation. Meanwhile, the police swarm around the building and set up a command center outside, led by ambitious and media-savvy Commissioner Rebecca Fong (Kelly Chen, Infernal Affairs), who seems more concerned about the swarm of video cameras and photographers than the criminals inside the building.

Embarrassed by their earlier defeat, the police begin fighting a public relations war, anxious to repair their tattered image in the public eye. In order to portray the department in a favorable, decisive light, they begin feeding “punched-up” video clips to the media, carefully edited to show the police coming out on top in the conflict with the criminals, as they keep the press updated on every move they make. Unfortunately for the police, the bad guys need only to turn on their television and are immediately brought up to speed on every detail about the police activity, keeping one step ahead of the police at all time.
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